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Stand-Alone Member Register

23 Dec 2010

Stand-Alone Member Register

SA Member Register (Stand-alone member registration for ExpressionEngine) module lets you display members registration form within your EE templates. Using it, you can give any look to your registration form, give it any URL address and use all power of EE tags.

Registration processing relies on Member module so all your extensions will be working.

You can add custom fields using {custom_fields} tag pair or Captcha image. In other words, you’ll get full-featured and fully customizable registration form.

The module is intened for people who don’t want to let people go out of their main site design and look by using EE registration page but at the same time don’t need tons of features provided by modules like User (and for a smaller price!)

Now supports AJAX registration!

See the docs for more info on usage. You may also consider using Stand-alone member edit



  1. CDT
    CDT 20 Jan 2011

    Hi, Yuriy,

    The module works great, but I’m having one minor issue.  I’m using the 1.x version. 
    On IE, the submit button is displaying the text “Submit Query.”  In Chrome, it is “Submit.”
    I’m using the generic submit button:

    <input type="submit" /> 


  2. Yuri Salimovskiy's avatar
    Yuri Salimovskiy 20 Jan 2011

    you should set the ‘value’ property for input

    <input type="submit" value="Register me!"  /> 
  3. David
    David 21 Jan 2011

    hi there. can you specify the member group to which each registration belongs? And are the available custom fields ones from the custom member fields? thanks!

  4. Yuri Salimovskiy's avatar
    Yuri Salimovskiy 21 Jan 2011

    Hi David,
    the module respect the ‘default member group’ EE setting. You can not specify group to be assigned in the form itself, however.
    The {custom_fields} tag pair represents custom profile fields for members.

  5. CDT
    CDT 22 Jan 2011

    That fixed it.  Thanks.  You might want to update the docs on that.
    Just a suggestion:  You may want to mention in the docs that you must use the field name assigned by EE (m_field_id_1, m_field_id_2, etc.) if you don’t use the {custom_fields} tag pair.  Spent a bit of time in with trial and error to figure that out, but if I’d known ahead, I would have just done it right the first time.

  6. Yuri Salimovskiy's avatar
    Yuri Salimovskiy 22 Jan 2011

    Good suggestion, will do that!

  7. Jerry
    Jerry 31 Jan 2011

    can this be used to replace the My Account page, which I would like to simplify from the EE standard
    All I want is a simple form for users to be able to update their details incl email, and change password

  8. Yuri Salimovskiy's avatar
    Yuri Salimovskiy 31 Jan 2011

    Jerry, the module does not provide profile overview or editing at the moment. Consider using User module from Solspace, if you need that.

  9. Tom
    Tom 01 Feb 2011

    Does this support the ability for the member to choose their language on registration?

  10. Yuri Salimovskiy's avatar
    Yuri Salimovskiy 01 Feb 2011

    Yes, it does. It supports all fields that can be used in ‘regular’ registration form. The name of input is ‘deft_lang’

  11. Ben
    Ben 06 Feb 2011

    I’m using the example code from at and cannot get any of the custom fields to display. I have already amended a SQL query from mod.sa_member_register.php that read “exp_member_fields”, to use the prefix of my database. I am using ExpressionEngine 2.1.1. Why will my custom fields not loop when using the {custom_fields} tag pair within the {exp:sa_member_register:form} tag pair as exemplified?

  12. Yuri Salimovskiy's avatar
    Yuri Salimovskiy 06 Feb 2011

    Ben, can you email me the exact code you are using? I see 4 empty <p> tags, so the loop is working. My address is at the bottom of page.

  13. Matthew Blest
    Matthew Blest 09 Feb 2011

    Hi, I’ve installed the module using the guide supplied, I can get the sample form to appear, but when I try to load the page I get this: ‘You are already registered and logged in.’ on a blank web page, it means I can’t get back to the original page. Is there a way around this?

  14. Yuri Salimovskiy's avatar
    Yuri Salimovskiy 10 Feb 2011

    I think it means you are logged in smile You most likely did that by logging in into Control Panel when editing the templte.
    Try opening the page in other browser.

  15. Shine
    Shine 25 Feb 2011

    Is there a way to control where the user returns to after registration?
    Currently they are being returned to the homepage and I’d like them returned to

  16. Yuri Salimovskiy's avatar
    Yuri Salimovskiy 25 Feb 2011

    yes, you can specify that using ‘return’ parameter, e.g.

    {exp:sa_member_register:form return="account"
  17. Helmi
    Helmi 04 Mar 2011

    Hi there, I would like to know if I can automatically set the member group id in the registration form. I may have multiple registration form for multiple member group.

  18. Yuri Salimovskiy's avatar
    Yuri Salimovskiy 04 Mar 2011

    Helmi, you can use “group_id” as field name for hidden input field or select to set member group.


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