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Shorteen (URL shortening module)

29 Jul 2011

Shorteen (URL shortening module)

Shorteen is an URL shortening module for ExpressionEngine. Is does shorten the URLs by iteslf, but is letting you use wide range of shortening services. Currently supported are,, and YOURLS script.

The usage is very simple:
{exp:shorteen:process service="bitly" url=""}

The range of supported services supported is constantly increasing - request integration of shortening service that you like!

See the docs for information about settings and more



  1. Than
    Than 02 Sep 2011

    Nice little plugin. One question. Shorteen is hitting up my Yourls install ~8 times, and generating 8 short links. Any way to keep it at 1?

    • Yuri Salimovskiy's avatar
      Yuri Salimovskiy 02 Sep 2011

      Try setting this Yourls setting to true in includes/config.php

      /** Allow multiple short URLs for a same long URL
       ** Set to true to have only one pair of shortURL/longURL (default YOURLS behavior)
       ** Set to false to allow multiple short URLs pointing to the same long URL ( behavior) */
      define'YOURLS_UNIQUE_URLS'true ); 
  2. Than
    Than 02 Sep 2011

    Hey Yuri,
    Unique urls are set to true already. (For example, if I try to shorten a page via the bookmarklet that shorteen has already set, I get an ‘already in the database’ notification.)

    It’s probably more yourls’ problem than shorteen’s, as all of the sql records in the Yourls db have the same timestamp.

    • Yuri Salimovskiy's avatar
      Yuri Salimovskiy 02 Sep 2011

      I checked the API call made by Shorteen and it seems to be correct.
      Looks like there’s a problem with Yourls, specifically with yourls_add_new_link function. I don’t have time for this now, unfortunately


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