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jQuery ajax not working in IE

19 Aug 2009

jQuery ajax not working in IE

Once upon a time smile I faced a strange problem:
I was trying lo load the remote page via jQuery load() function. In Firefox, everything worked perfectly, but Internet Explorer returned just nothing.
The request was sent, but the function (as well as other jQuery ajax functions - I tried) returned just parsererror.
After spending several hours googling trying different thing, I found that solution was very simple, watch this:
I had in my .htaccess
AddDefaultCharset utf8
This is WRONG, should be
AddDefaultCharset utf-8
IE could not recognize the charset ‘utf8’ and therefore returned parsererror (though there was no need to parse anything smile)


  1. Girisoft
    Girisoft 22 Sep 2010

    I have a jquery problem in my website. I searched google and found this page. Its really amazing dude that a single - cause a huge error. Interesting
    -Viruthagiri Thirumavavan


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