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MSM Member Group Switcher

11 Apr 2012 | Extending EE | Modules | Extensions | No Comments

Switch member’s group depending on what MSM site is he at

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04 Mar 2012 | Extending EE | Modules | No Comments

This module lets people bookmark (add to favorites) ExpressionEngine entries, members, comments and categories for quick access

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Resizing avatars during upload

10 Feb 2012 | Tips & Tricks | No Comments

If you are like me, you’ve always wanted to have members avatars and photos resized authomatically upon upload, without asking people to do that manually. See how this is possible in EE2.

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Invitations module&extension

26 Dec 2011 | No Comments

Building closed community with ExpressionEngine has just become easier! Generate signup codes from CP, or let people generate them on frontend. View usage stats, associate users with people they invited, - and even let them earn credits for bringing referrals.

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Snippet Editor

29 Nov 2011 | Extending EE | Modules | No Comments

The editor for snippets and global variables that you’ve been waiting for - with revisions saved and code highlighted!

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Social Update

20 Nov 2011 | Extending EE | Modules | No Comments

Automatically send updates to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn when ExpressionEngine entry is published.

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Messaging module

05 Nov 2011 | Extending EE | Modules | No Comments

Messaging is the module for ExpressionEngine 2 that brings all power of Private Messages, Bulletins (public messages) and Buddies/Blocked lists to frontend templates - even with AJAX support!

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Social Login PRO - even more social integration!

10 Sep 2011 | Extending EE | Modules | No Comments

Social Login PRO brings integration of ExpressionEngine sites with popular social networks to a new level!

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Shorteen (URL shortening module)

29 Jul 2011 | 4 Comments

Shorteen is an URL shortening module for ExpressionEngine. Is does shorten the URLs by iteslf, but is letting you use wide range of shortening services. Currently supported are,, and YOURLS script.

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