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Social Login module: enabling Twitter/Facebook/etc. logins for ExpressionEngine

28 Jun 2011 | Extending EE | Modules | No Comments

Social Login enables people to log in into your site using their account in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.)

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Member categories

08 Jun 2011 | Extending EE | Modules | 13 Comments

Members meet channel categories! Assign categories to your members in order to build permissions system on frontend, or to simply categorize your members, or let users save their favorite categories, relate “groups” of members to “groups” of entries - more and more flexibility within your EE site!

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.htaccess maker for ExpressionEngine2

17 Apr 2011 | Extending EE | Modules | Extensions | 4 Comments

.htaccess maker can be used to create .htaccess file out of regular EE template. Use all power of ExpressionEngine templates to create the rules that you want - and no longer need to update files manually.

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Check member permissions on frontend

09 Apr 2011 | Extending EE | Plugins | 4 Comments

The plugin lets you perform check in ExpressionEngine templates for the permissions member has based on the group he belongs to.

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Sitemap Pinger

07 Apr 2011 | Extending EE | Extensions | 2 Comments

Sitemap Pinger is an extension that allows you to notify major search engines about your updated sitemap each time new entry is created in ExpressionEngine.

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29 Mar 2011 | Extending EE | Extensions | 2 Comments

Crosslinking extension can automaticly turn the text into links using pre-defined set of rules.

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AJAX login for ExpressionEngine

18 Mar 2011 | Extending EE | Modules | 13 Comments

AJAX Auth module enables asynchronous (without refreshing the page) login and logout for ExpressionEngine 2.

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Restrict entry access

17 Mar 2011 | 11 Comments

New add-on enables you to restrict access to certain channel entries for certain members or member group

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Protected Links for ExpressionEngine - secure & encrypt download links

21 Feb 2011 | Extending EE | Modules | 16 Comments

This add-on lets you encrypt/secure download links, restrict access to the files and also display some useful statistics. It consists of module and fieldtype.

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