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19 Jul 2014 | No Comments

If you ever wanted to pay commission/reward to authors/owners of items sold in your online store, RoyaltEE is the add-on the does just that! Define commissions rules on per-product basis and have the reward added instantly once orders are complete (using CartThrob or Store modules). Integrates with PayPal MassPay and DevDemon Credits module.

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Template Installer

03 Apr 2014 | No Comments

Transform source HTML files to EE templates with one click. Quick start for site development - essential for every new build!

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Social Poster

20 Dec 2013 | Extending EE | Modules | Extensions | No Comments

Send automatic updates to social networks on user’s behalf when he’s performing certain actions on your site.

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SMS Sender

16 Oct 2013 | No Comments

This module enables sending SMS from ExpressionEngine frontend pages.

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03 Feb 2013 | Extending EE | Modules | No Comments

This module allows you to request site members to enter their phones and validate them via SMS (by asking users to enter the code they’ve received in SMS). When phone is verified, the user can be moved to another group.

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Context ad management system for ExpressionEngine

30 Jan 2013 | Extending EE | Modules | No Comments

Stop messing with lengthy javascript code - use single EE tag to automatically display banner depending on what entry, category or channel is viewed.

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Custom comment fields & comment uploads in EE2

22 Jan 2013 | Extending EE | Modules | Extensions | No Comments

Here’s the add-on that allows to have custom fields added to ExpressionEngine 2 commenting system

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Affiliate plus

06 Dec 2012 | Extending EE | Modules | Extensions | No Comments

Affiliate+ is a system that makes managing referrals in ExpressionEngine easy. Highly customizable commission rules, stats, balance/withdraw system and DevDemon Credits integration. Integrates with CartThrob, Store and SimpleCommerce e-commerce modules. Simply saying, it’s a referrals system that works well

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Status Updates module

03 Aug 2012 | Extending EE | Modules | No Comments

Status Updates is the module for ExpressionEngine 2 that allows site users to post status messages in their profile. They can also crosspost them to their social network accounts (requires Social Login PRO)

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    Hello, my name is Yuri and I specialize in creating custom add-ons (plugins, modules, extensions) for ExpressionEngine CMS.
    You can reach me anytime by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)